Paris Hilton is genuinely crazy about NFTs
Heiress turned entrepreneur shows that she’s got an eye for creative technologies
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Provided by Paris Hilton
Provided by Paris Hilton.

Amid all the NFT hype of 2021, it’s easy to view any celebrity in the space as just another famous face trying to cash in on the bandwagon. From Snoop Dogg to Lindsay Lohan, it seems like everyone is jumping into the space. Admittedly, before I did my research for this interview I thought the same thing of Paris Hilton.

However, it turns out she’s been into NFTs nearly since their inception. She also got into crypto back in 2016, well before the hype cycle. During a dinner with the founders of the Ethereum blockchain, she said was lured by the idea of “a form of currency that was totally secure and significantly more democratic.”

“I believed in that impact (of Ethereum) then and continue to believe in it today.”

If you still view Hilton as some ditzy blonde who was born into money, I suggest reading her interview with CoinDesk back in April around the time of her first NFT launch. Suffice it to say that I was reminded of that timeless lesson about book covers.

In the above interview, Hilton claimed that NFTs had “taken over her mind and soul.” This past June she put her money where her mouth is by joining the team at Origin Protocol as an investor and advisor.

Origin Protocol is a decentralized platform focused on getting NFTs mainstream. When asked why she chose Origin, Hilton pointed out that “Origin is the only platform that allows creators to sell NFTs on their own website and under their own brand,” calling the platform a  “leader and innovator in the space” that boasts “multiple record-breaking sales.”

Origin currently hosts NFTs from the likes of One Republic's Ryan Tedder and YouTube boxing sensation Jake Paul.

Hilton posing with the Origin Protocol team. Source: Paris Hilton
Hilton posing with the Origin Protocol team. Photo provided by Paris Hilton.

NFTs are "limitless and incredibly exciting"

So why NFTs? Hilton describes herself as an artist that has always been inspired by art and beautiful things.

"I think the potential for NFTs is only limited by our creativity and imagination," she said.

Hilton thinks that as the metaverse grows and takes up more of our time, people will become increasingly interested in curating their virtual identities. She envisions a world where people will utilize NFT versions of art, music and fashion to maximize the uniqueness of their online personas.

"To me, that is both limitless and incredibly exciting."

Hilton also sees great potential in the South Korean market.

“South Korea is so technologically advanced. I think that South Korea has the potential to be at the forefront of the NFT movement.”

She said that it ultimately depends, however, on Koreans’ willingness to embrace the emerging technology and make it their own.

"The beauty of NFTs is that it is not bound by any traditional constraints and the people who embrace that energy will have incredible success,” she said.

Paris Hilton's NFT "Iconic Crypto Queen" fetched over $1 million on Nifty Gateway. Source: Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton's NFT "Iconic Crypto Queen" fetched over $1 million on Nifty Gateway. Photo provided by Paris Hilton.

Empowering artists

Despite her name value, Hilton maintains that she just wants to be a "student of the game." Rather than expounding some grandiose plan when asked about her role in the evolution of NFTs, she said she just wants to learn as much as possible and continue her creative journey. She did, however, iterate her desire to empower artists.

“I really want to give back to the NFT community. My desire to empower artists is driven by my background as an artist and creator. I believe that every artist should have as much control over the distribution and economics of their art,” she said.

Hilton said she finds it exhilarating that we’re living in a time when artists with great content can become successful without going through a middleman. She elaborated that she’s particularly interested in recruiting more female artists into the sphere.

Hilton partnered with digital artist Blake Kathryn for her NFT debut on Nifty Gateway. The pair set the record for the highest selling NFT by a female creator. She's also collaborating with the Sevens Foundation to curate an NFT exhibit that highlights female artists.

As for the creative entrepreneur’s plans for Origin, she only hinted that she's working on a "big project."

"It's a little too soon to share the details right now, but I can promise that I am really striving to push the boundaries of what an NFT can be and I really want to create pieces that attract more people to the space."

Observers of the NFT space should definitely keep an eye out for Ms. Hilton.

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